Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Joys Vintage Advertising

So many vintage ads are sexist, politically incorrect by today's standards, have outlandish claims and are outright funny, even hilarious sometimes!  They are a true snapshot of days gone by and surely do tell a great story.  I could honestly sit and read them all day long.

It seems on the outside anyway that the people were always so happy in the ads - whether they are ironing, looking at the new miraculous magical gas stoves or killing moths. 

Vintage magazine advertisements are a great collectible and look amazing framed which make them great for both decorating or gift giving.  They bring back so many memories of lost products loved, or favorites that after all this time are still available or to add provenance to an item in your vintage collection.

I had mentioned moths for a reason...after collecting vintage ads for awhile now I realized that so many magazines had ads for moth killers and now that I think about it my grandmother's closet always had the distinctive odor of moth balls - was there a moth epidemic in the past that I am not aware of?

Did you know that according to one cigarette brand that if you smoke theirs you will maintain a 5 lb. weight loss?  Or that all men with hearty appetites love tuna cutlets?  Or that you could be more "marriageable" if you used a certain hand cream?  Intrigued?  Read on..............

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